Real Food

What do you get when purchasing food from a farm? I suppose it depends on the farm. Small farms mother their plants. Each and every one of them. While the bottom line is always hovering like an annoying mosquito, the health of each lettuce leaf is contemplated as if the world depends on it. And it kind of does.

Small farmers who don't spray their crops at the first sign of leaf damage must be vigilant about pest control naturally, make sure their crops are healthy and watered correctly. We understand that just as there is no magic pill to cure humans, there is no magic spray to cure problems in the plant world. In fact, it often makes things worse.

It's easy and convenient to buy food from a store in neat little packages, but the food is removed from life. It doesn't contain a bit of dirt (minerals) or pollen (essential to keep us from developing allergies) or connectedness to nature. A picture of a farm on a package just isn't the same thing as coming directly from the farm within a day or two of harvest.

Real food is higher in nutritional value, but also gives us a peace of mind that we're doing right by ourselves, our community, and the environment we live in. Real food is simple, good, and honest.

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