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It's never set well with me to treat plants and animals like they're on a production line in a factory.

The whole idea behind farm rows is for the ease of laborers and tractors to plant and harvest the plants. The problem lies in that it's not a natural process for the plants. Soils get depleted from having only one crop grown in an area. Pests figure out that this is the tasty place to be and have no other plant to confuse or be off-putting to the pests.

There has to be some balance between a profitable production and ensuring the health and well-being of the environment and the people working it. That's the other problem. If you've harvested or planted row upon row of the same thing it gets boring right quick and the repetitive motion isn't good for the body. However, being able to plant or harvest high and low, have a place to sit for a few minutes, breathe in the differing aromatic herbs, and delight in the showy flowers, then it's actually quite pleasant. I can keep it up all day. It's not work anymore.

I've managed to harvest numerous plants at the same time with differing baskets and a wagon. As the farm grows, we'll see if my methods can keep up. I'll most likely need to hire people, but they'll have to be people who can think outside of the rows and not get too worked up over a nettle sting or a prick from a thorny blackberry cane. But that's a whole other story.

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